Ryde Slide 2017

Ryde Slide 2017

In 2013 Wayne Whittle, then Mayor of Ryde was sent a photo of Bristols ‘Park and Slide’ a 100m water slide put in the centre of Bristol by artist Luke Jerram. A picture from this event was sent to Wayne on Twitter captioned ‘can’t you make this happen Mayor?’ Always soneone who’s up for a challenge, Wayne thought that the road the water slide was on in Bristol looked similar to Union Street in Ryde and pushed for the event to happen.

Ryde Slide 2017

In 2015 ,Wayne worked with Lo Addison from Solent.co to start planning the launch event togther with lots of help from some amazing local organisations and sponsors, many of which are still involved with Ryde Slide 2017. Now in it’s third year, this Ryde Slide 2017 plans to be faster and wetter than ever, it’s starting a bit further down Inuion Street which is a bit steeper. There are also food concessions and a beer tent with local bar from the brains behind Victorious Festival in Portsmouth togther with new inflatables on Western Gardens. 2017 is set to be the best year yet!

Ticket purchasing has been simplified and this year cost just £10 with all proceeds going stratight to local good causes, again this is thanks to our amazing Ryde Slide 2017 sponsors and especially Wightlink.

The Wightlink Ryde Slide will be supporting local charities. 


Sunday 16th July 2017 11:00am – 19:00pm